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I really appreciate seeing a full room it it means a lot to us.

I heard a phrase the other day which which which I liked a lot which is fall in love with the problem not the solution. I heard this
phrase fall in love with the problem not the solution. And I think about that a lot when I think about the job that I have to do because I’m paid money to promote district eating and talk about how great district heating is. And I know that and I ask myself sometimes do I like this so much because somebody pays: me or do I do it because I like it and I think the answer to that is I love district heating when it’s good district heating when it’s the best of district heating not for its own sake, but because of the benefits that it brings. Because of the problems that it solves. And we’re here today to celebrate the best of district heating.

The best of district energy examples where it has worked and that success needs to be honored. And recognized and and hopefully replicated. So that’s why we’re all here this afternoon. Special thanks to our donor Dan Foss whose support makes this possible. To the International Energy Agency and the UN Environment Program whose support and engagement. In all of this not only makes it possible but makes it makes it good. And makes it meaningful to people we’re gonna see a lot of great things today. And I can mostly stay quiet while we watch and listen and celebrate.
But before we get started, maybe I can ask one of the evaluation panel members John do lack of the International Energy Energy Agency to come up on stage and say a few words about what the awards mean to him in the IEA John.